The Late Bloomer,

Whatever you are , make sure you are proud of what you are. Learning to carry yourself is an art, which very few can master.


This is somewhat how i looked like on advent of puberty. This is somewhat how i looked like on advent of puberty.

I have been a late bloomer ever since I was born; probably I was one person who defined the word late bloomer. Normally newborn babies cry on their birth, it took almost three injections on my bum to make me cry. I took my time to crawl and later walk and my mum thought I was mute when I surprised her one day by calling my daddy; Daada’. I was an average student; remember almost barely passing since my first day of school. I was an introvert and my mum secretly believed I was dumb since my family was of high achievers and I passed my grade one with a grace mark, probably because the teacher was acquaintance with my mum.

In the first fifteen years of my life, I don’t remember talking to any girl. I was shy…

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10 Things it’s time for Pakistanis to realize


Ramish Safa Mobin

I was born, raised and spoilt in Pakistan. It was fun. It gave me cricket, it brought me Polka and just when I thought all was well, it gave me World Cup, 1999. Even better were, and have always been, the people that populate this wonderful piece of land. Loving, caring, mysteriously dying, people with their hearts full of fire and their eyes full of dust. To cut it short, I’ve loved this country and have expressed that at multiple occasions This, however, shall not be one of them. Pakistani awam has had its share of crazies and that doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. Most of these behavioral fruit loops are annoying, overdone and worth punching people in the face for.

Following is a list of things I think the Pakistan awam SHOULD realize before it gets nuked in the gut for good.

  1. There is a maila in…

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I Love you Zara Tariq Awan

yes, I’m in love with Zara Tariq Awan and it’s a wonderful feeling. I can’t stop thinking of her she is all on my mind. But I’m not ready as yet to disclose my feelings for her. I don’t know why but I just don’t wanna tell her or hint her a bit about my feelings of love for her. I truly and genuinely Love her !
and my love for her is not from now but from our first chat on msgs in ramazan !
She is very sweet, cute and lovely !

My First Assignment

Following was my first assignment submitted to my university teacher on exactly today’s date 2 months before (16-Oct-2012), he said he would show these pieces after our four years in our university at the end of our bachelors life and then he would show to the whole class that who has achieved his/her goals and aims and who has failed to do so. what I wrote and gave to him is as follows: Continue reading

Starting of a New Era ?

It’s (Oct 4, 2012) 1:30 AM by now and I’m still awake , actually this has become my routine now to be awake till late at night because the major reason is that I have got nothing to do- relating to my academics- as I’m still free from formal studies now-a-days so this makes sense to one that a person is enjoying his days by ‘wasting his Time’ till late night , as my father would say to me that you are a Time Killer , I would consider his feelings towards my Time Killing True , but I think that this kind of relaxation should be given to a teenager like me , after all this is “Our time to Enjoy Life” . Continue reading